French Polynesia to New Zealand


Much of the same today. Hardly a breath of wind and no squalls so all very relaxed. The engine has been on continuously for a couple of days now so we are monitoring fuel usage carefully. We carry a lot of diesel, but even so we want to ensure we have plenty for the second half of the trip – when weather systems develop you often have two choices – power up and try and get ahead, or slow down and pass behind. Which you choose can affect the passage beyond that system too so its often not a simple decision, hence why we are using a router for this trip. We have been advised to slow down a little more over the next few days to give us greater separation between us and the system we expect to pass behind on or around the 13th. Just half a knot decrease in speed will put us about 12 hours further back from it and that should mean we get less waves and less wind in its vicinity. the other boats are spreading out a bit now. Neither carry as much fuel as we do so they are having to be far more aggressive in terms of looking for and utilising every breath of wind they can find. Its not a problem for them, just a little frustrating but was expected. The wind hole we are currently in is expected to last for another 36 hours at least so we don’t expect much to be different tomorrow. The up side of calm weather is its much easier to do things on the boat. Lesley has been doing a lot of the jewellery making she learned in FP and I have a lot of work that can be done offline which is progressing well – better than it would have done had we continued with the fast bumpy conditions we set out with.

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