First Experiences of the Spanish Rias

Just a short sail from La Coruna, the Ria de Ares and Ria de Betanzos provide us with some fantastically relaxing and peaceful anchorages.

For our first trip we headed for the anchorage at Ares where the girls had plenty of space to kneeboard without irritating anyone. We took a trip ashore to the pretty small town where the streets were lined with flowers for the annual festival of  Corpus Christi and Charlotte and Derek took a cycle ride to the petrol station to get fuel for the outboard motor for the dinghy.


The girls having some fun at Ares in the Ria de Ares, just North East of La Coruna.

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La Coruna – Ocean Blue’s Home For The Summer

It is strange flying home and leaving the boat 500 miles away.

For the last 5 or so years we have had her no more than 20 minutes down the road, and most weekends we have been onboard, either enjoying sailing her or upgrading something. Now unless we are flying out to Spain, we have time to do what normal people do at the weekend – well not quite as we are already into sorting out the house for when we leave in October!

Sun Rising As We Leave To Catch a Flight Home